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1.General Rules

  1. 1) Personal information is the information of a living individual. This refers to the signs and characters as well as voice, sound and video information with which the individual may be identified (including information with which a specific individual may not be identified by itself, but may be used in identification when combined with other information).
  2. 2) T developers (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") provided by SK Telecom Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") value and are always making every effort to protection of the Members' personal information.
  3. 3) In operating the Service, personal information of each member of the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Member") is actively protected. In addition, to comply with all relevant statutes including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the "Information and Communications Network Act"), the Company establishes and follows the Privacy Policy.
  4. 4) Through the Privacy Policy, the Company notifies to the customers its efforts to effectively and actively protect the personal information provided by the customers and how and for which purposes the information is used.
  5. 5) The Company displays the Privacy Policy in the first screen of its website (http://developers.sktelecom.com/en) so as to ensure that the customers may access it conveniently anytime.
  6. 6) The Privacy Policy for the Services may be changed according to the changes in the related laws and regulations or the changes in the Company's internal management policy. In the event the Privacy Policy is changed, the changed details are notified in the website so that the customers may conveniently check the revised contents of the Privacy Policy.
  7. 7) In addition to the provisions set forth in the Privacy Policy, other details of personal information collection and utilization by the Company or its affiliates in relation to the Members' use of the Service shall be subject to the provisions of each privacy policy posted in the websites operated by such affiliates.

2. Personal Information Collection Items and Purpose of Utilization

  1. 1) The Company collects the following information which is divided into the information for the basic Service provision and the optional information to provide Service according to individual tastes and needs of the Members. Even if the Members that do not enter optional information, they are not restricted from the Service use.
  2. 2) The Company does not collect sensitive personal information (e.g., race and ethnicity, ideology and creed, birth place and legal domicile, political orientation, criminal records, health conditions and sexual life) that may lead to violation of the Members' basic human rights.
  3. 3) The following information may be generated, and thus collected in the course of the Service provision or operation handling.
    1. A. Records of Service use, Service suspension and Service cancellation
    2. B. Collection log, cookie and connection IP information
  4. 4) The Company collects and utilizes personal information for the following purposes.
    1. A. Purpose of Collection
      1. ① Member Management: Identification of Service users, prevention of illegal and unauthorized Service use, record preservation for dispute settlement and delivery of new information and notifications
    2. B. Personal Information
      1. ① Mandatory Item: e-mail address

3. Consent to Personal Information Collection

The Company has set out a procedure for the Members to click "Agree" button for personal information collection and utilization. When a member clicks this button, it is regarded that the member agrees to his or her personal information collection.

4. Personal Information Collection Method

The Company collects personal information in the following methods.
  1. A. Through developers.sktelecom.com/en website
  2. B. Collection of information generated through log analysis program
  3. C. Using a collection tool for information generated during wired and wireless Internet Service use (cookies)
  4. D. Direct supply by Members in the course of Service use

5. Utilization of Collected Personal Information and Supply of the Information to a Third Party

  1. 1) The Company uses the Members' personal information within a scope specified in the Service terms and conditions and Privacy Policy. The Company does not use the Members' personal information or provide it to a third party by exceeding the specified scope. In the following cases, however, the Company may utilize and provide personal information with caution.
    1. A. Affiliation: To provide better services, the Members' personal information may be provided to or shared with the Company’s affiliates. For the personal information provision and sharing, the Company shall notify in advance to the individual Members in writing or through e-mail of the affiliates, the personal information items provided or shared, why the personal information must be provided or shared and by when and how the information is protected, and thus obtain agreement from the Members. If the Members do not agree to personal information provision and sharing, the Company does not provide or share the information with the affiliates. Notification or acquisition of agreement is carried out in the same procedure when there are changes in the affiliation or the relationship of affiliation is ended.
    2. B. Disposal, Acquisition and Merger: In the event of transfer or succession of the service providers' rights and obligations through merger and inheritance or entire or partial transfer of the business, it shall be notified to the Members in order to guarantee the Members' rights in relation to personal information protection.
  2. 2) The Company does not use the personal information collected or provide the information to a third party by exceeding the scope of use notified to the Members or specified in the terms and conditions. Exceptions apply, however, if the member has given consent or in the following cases: the personal information provided according to the provisions in this paragraph includes the information entered at the time of Service use and the information changed afterwards.
    1. A. In case it is considerably difficult to obtain agreement for the personal information that is necessary in implementation of the contract for service provision due to economic or technical reasons
    2. B. In case it is stipulated otherwise in the statutes, such as the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, the Framework Act on National Taxes, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc., the Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Confidentiality, the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, the Framework Act on Telecommunications and the Framework Act on Consumers. However, even when the information use is requested by administrative or investigative agencies for administrative or investigative purposes according to the provisions in the statutes, the Company does not provide the Members' personal information unconditionally. It provides the information by following a legitimate procedure, such as after receiving a warrant or a requesting document that is sealed by the head of the requesting agency as prescribed in the statutes
    3. C. In case it is necessary for statistical/academic research or market survey purposes where the personal information is provided in a format that disables identification of a specific individual
  3. 3) Status of personal information provision
    The status of personal information provision at the time Members check this Privacy Policy is individually notified to the Members through e-mail or SMS (MMS). (In case individual notification is difficult as Members did not leave their contact information or the contact information has changed, it shall be deemed that the individual notification has been completed when the changed agreement is posted in the website.) The status of personal information provision may change according to the commencement or termination of an affiliation. This change is posted in the list together with personal information provision and is deleted from the list when the personal information is destroyed as a result of termination of the affiliation.

6. Consignment of Personal Information Handling Operation and Supply of Information to the Third Party

For service improvement, the Company consigns personal information handling operation as of the following. According to the related laws and ordinances, the matters necessary in safe management of personal information in consignment operation are specified.
The agencies consigned by the Company for personal information handling and the details of the consigned operation are as follows.
  1. A. List of Companies Consigned of Personal Information Handling Operation for Service Provision
    The list of consigned companies may be changed according to the contract period or changes in the Service concerned and the change will be notified in advance in the noticeboard.
    1. ① Bluedigm & BD Snack
      - Contents of Consigned Operation: T developers Service system development and operation
      - Information Retention and Utilization Period: Until termination of consignment contract

7. Personal Information Retention and Utilization Period

The Company retains and utilizes the Members' personal information limitedly from the Members' Agreement and during the course of Service provision to the Members. When the purpose of information collection/utilization is fulfilled, when the period of information retention/utilization expires or when the reasons for business closure occur, the respective Members' personal information is destroyed without delay. The following information, however, is preserved for the specified periods based on the reasons below
  1. A. Reasons for Information Retention according to the Company's Internal Policy
    1. ① Preserved Information: e-mail address
    2. ② Grounds: To prevent illegal use, to cooperate in investigation by related agencies on illegal users
    3. ③ Preservation Period: Six (6) months

8. Privacy Policy Announcement or Notification Method

  1. 1) To utilize the Members' personal information or provide it to a third party by exceeding the scope notified at the time of the information collection or as stipulated in this Privacy Policy, the Company shall notify the details to and obtain additional agreement from the individual Members concerned in writing, via phone or through e-mail.
  2. 2) In the event the Company transfers all or parts of its business or transfer the associated rights and obligations through merger and acquisition, the Company shall notify it to the Members individually in writing and through e-mail and, at the same time, post the details in the first screen of the Company's website for thirty (30) days or longer. However, in the event notification is not possible as the member's contact information is not available, which is not resulted by the Company's mistake, as a result of natural calamities or due to other justifiable reasons, the notification in writing or through e-mail may be substituted with an announcement once or more in two or more daily newspapers (in case a majority of the Members reside in a specific area, daily newspapers that are distributed in such area).

9. Duty of Notification

In the event the current Privacy Policy is deleted, edited or modified to include additional contents according to the government's policy or security technologies, the change is notified in "Notice" section of the website at least seven (7) days before the change.
Additional Rules
(Date of Enforcement) This Privacy Policy is put into effect as of February 1, 2017.