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SK텔레콤이 보유한 다양한 기술 정보입니다
  • Connected Car

    This technology provides connectivity, remote control and status management functions to automotive peripherals, such as black box and ODB and saves and analyzes automotive data.

  • NLU

    This technology analyzes the natural languages used by people in everyday life, and thus promotes understanding of their hidden meanings.


    Virtualization-based service orchestration technology to provide "tailor-made N/W service" optimized to customers' situations

  • Videography

    Videgraphy technology improves aesthetic aspect of a video filmed by a general user by applying various imaging technologies and converts an ordinary content into a content of a higher value.

  • 5G

    A Next-generation wireless communication technology to provide max. download speed approximately 270 times faster than the 4G mobile communications (LTE) download speed (approx. 20Gbps).

  • Location Technology

    Using wireless technologies (LTE, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, UWB) and terminal sensor technology, location information of humans and objects is obtained and services are provided based on the information.

  • SONA (SDDC Network Virtualization)

    This is a technology to virtualize data center network, and thus to enable virtual exclusive network configuration between virtual machines for every cloud using customer.

  • Tyche (Speech Recognition)

    This speech recognition technology converts human voice language into character data.

  • ThingPlug (IoT Platform)

    ThingPlug is a cloud-based IoT platform that provides everything you need to develop and operate IoT services.

  • FIDO

    FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) is an open international standard-based next-generation authentication technology that does not use personal information, such as ID, password and MDN.

  • Quantum

    This technology to distribute secret keys based on the principle of quantum mechanics ensures unconditional stability or verifiable stability of an encryption system by using quantum characteristics.

  • T-ROS

    This is a data center management platform offering the functions necessary in data center management, such as integrated resource management, automatic software distribution, operation automation and resource monitoring.

  • Wireless Sensor Network

    A number of wireless sensor network technologies to stably collect and deliver data even at low power for application to a range of IoT services are introduced.

  • Big Data Discovery

    It reduces the difficulties of using big data, and thus helps field users more conveniently and swiftly analyze big data.

  • LTE-Advanced Pro

    LTE-Advanced Pro is a brand for 3GPP specifications from Release 13 onwards. It includes gigabit and massive connectivity technologies to support emerging new services such as VR (Virtual Reality) and IoT (Internet of Things) in LTE network.

  • Storage

    A differentiated system in ICT is developed on the basis of R&D on hardware and software for a flash-based high-performance and high-efficiency storage configuration.

  • Video Analytics

    This video analysis technology analyzes the contents of a video and extracts meaningful information included in the contents.

  • IoT Network

    This is the most ideal technology for establishing IoT networks that offer wide coverage, low cost and low power consumption.

  • Laser Projection

    This independently developed laser protection technology using laser light source has a number of strengths including focus-free, excellent color reproducibility and high luminous efficiency.

  • SDRAN (Software Defined RAN)

    Open hardware and software, CP and UP isolation and open interface between base station digital unit (DU) and radio unit (RU)


    USIM, which handles subscriber information saving and authentication, provides the standard-based security/ authentication technologies to various devices ranging from smartphones to M2M, IoT and wearable devices.

  • Embedded RTC

    Technology that enable communication in small device Utilizing WebRTC technology