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BaaS BaaS

By generalizing and providing a specific back-end function to exchange information through a mobile terminal connection, it enables development in the server without the burden of cost and time required in development, operation and management.

  • 플랫폼 :
    • Android
    • ios
  • 사용한도 : 10,000,000쿼리/월
  • 승인방식 : 자동승인


An app development requires large amounts of cost and human resources for the back-end development ranging from a user screen development to server implementation, DB design, service function development and virtualization environment establishment. BaaS enables the back-end function development without a server. It provides the functions frequently used in a mobile application through API. Accordingly, a cloud link is possible even without a code preparation in the server. Therefore, the time of service opening is expedited as much as the back-end development time.


Save user information and user e-mail address authentication functions are used for user management in a log-in based app.
  1. 1) BaaS provides a function to sign up and sign in to an application with the same SNS account as of Facebook and Twitter.
  2. 2) SKT BaaS is secure as it uses the standard OAuth method. Users' passwords and IDs are automatically encrypted and saved to prevent the information leak.
  3. 3) For signed-up customers, SKT BaaS provides e-mail authentication function. The outbound e-mails can be conveniently edited in the web page so as to appeal the developer's identity.


The information to share is listed in a database using a key- value pair and can be used in a noticeboard or blog development.
  1. 1) BaaS provides a function to save various data, such as numbers, characters, files and GeoPoint.
  2. 2) All data are securely saved through triple replication. For a system transfer operation according to the success of the service in the future, BaaS also provides export function to save data in a file and send the file through e-mail.
  3. 3) For more convenient data management, DataBrowser is provided. In addition, for users who are familiar with RDBMS, relation (1:N) and pointer (1:1) data mapping functions are provided.


This function is used to create a notice function in a mobile app by sending a push message to a specific device through simple API invocation.
  1. 1) By calling API once, a push message can be sent to iOS/ Android terminal.
  2. 2) The development time and cost required in the link can be reduced.


This function is used to develop a location-based service by allowing to search only a list that is located within a specific radius of a specific location among information saved in the data.
  1. 1) BaaS provides a function to conveniently save the location information of a terminal provided in the Android and iOS operating systems.
  2. 2) BaaS provides a function for a near-field search and a specific range search using location information sent from an Android or iOS terminal.
  3. 3) The location values can be used in various formats, such as location information between users or store information.


A storage to save photos and videos and a network service are provided for use in the photo book service development.
  1. 1) BaaS provides a function to send various files, such as photo, video and document files.
  2. 2) BaaS provides a function to conveniently develop various applications where profile photos are registered, such as Facebook and Linked-In.
  3. 3) The uploaded files are securely saved through a triple replication process. An open URL is provided so that everyone can download the files.

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