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SK텔레콤의 기술을 활용한 상품 및 서비스 정보입니다


API service platform provided as open API to help external developers conveniently use SK TELECOM's core assets

A new distribution channel provided in a standardized API format that helps external developers conveniently use SK TELECOM's key technological information
Service Innovation : Mash-up service implementation through integration of new ideas and Telco APIs
Save Money/Time : Development cost and time saving through application of already implemented functions and data reuse
Easy to Use : Stable system environment through control of authority to use and access APIs


A service platform enabling general users that do not have knowledge about server technology to implement a service operation environment together with backend functions without a separate server implementation

For an app development, the backend development requires a large amount of cost and human resources, such as for server implementation, DB design, service function development and virtualization environment establishment in addition to the user screen development. BaaS enables the back-end function development without a server. It provides the functions frequently used in a mobile application through API. Accordingly, a cloud link is possible even without a code preparation in the server. Therefore, the time of service opening is expedited as much as the back-end development time.



Provides various development tools necessary in web/ mobile service development.

A mobile app user pattern analysis solution to swiftly and conveniently collect and analyze the behavioral patterns of app users