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SK텔레콤의 기술을 활용한 상품 및 서비스 정보입니다

band LTE WiFi

A service to provide giga-level wireless speed by concurrently using LTE and WiFi and seamless video streaming by using max. Wi-Fi traffic even while the user is in motion

Band LTE WiFi enables users to concurrently use LTE and WiFi networks. When band LTE WiFi service is turned on in terminal settings, both LTE and WiFi networks are connected. Then, a link with the central multi-path server is established. Following this process, multi-path server sends the contents to the terminal concurrently through LTE and WiFi networks. Of course, when LTE and WiFi networks are not connected, data are transmitted through another connected network. Therefore, users can enjoy watching contents without any problem even if they are in an environment where WiFi disconnection occurs frequently. (Supported Terminal: Galaxy S6 or higher, Supported Service: T-Sports, T-LoL, Corn)

Smart Voice

Natural language voice interface for smartphone

Smart Voice provides a natural language voice interface function for smartphones. It is also mounted with Launcher Planet, an additional function. Understanding the natural language phonation, it provides smart phone control, app execution, date/ weather information and telephone functions. The key functions of Smart Voice are mounted in the AI cloud. Through AI cloud upgrade, users will be continuously provided with new functions.


Optimize Performance, Power and Space

SCube products are ultra high-performance All-Flash (AF) products of which the storage is comprised of NAND Flash semiconductors. These products are provided at a reasonable price range equivalent to that of HDD-SSD Hybrid Storage System.


Web-based service to suggest wireless network optimization solutions and predict the effects on the basis of digital map, site configuration information and big data measured in the real field

T-EoS, wireless network optimization, site configuration information, big data, measured in the real field

Wireless network design and optimization process were time-consuming and high-cost tasks. These can be performed by high-level skilled engineers. Using T-EoS, even beginner can easily analyze, design and optimize LTE network. Engineer can optimize wireless network according to the antenna swing and tilt solutions provided by T-EoS. In addition, through comparison with the drive test result, engineer can evaluate if optimization is successful.


T-PANI, SK TELECOM's real-time network analysis system, and APOLLO, an intelligent base station to automatically optimize network

Intelligent operation supporting system offering optimal quality to individual users through big data analysis

Next-generation network operation system to collect big data from the entire end-to-end network area (ICT, transmission, access) and execute real-time/ linked/ predictive analysis, and thus detects inconveniences earlier than customers and automatically solve the inconveniences.

T view live

A service to edit, save and share the contents of live cam that captures customer’s precious everyday life

T view live is a platform that provides the service to edit, save and share contents by combining video technology with various life cam devices. Linked to a live cam device (e.g., LG Action Cam, XiaoYi Cam), it provides a photo/ video shooting function. The contents saved in the cam can be conveniently loaded to a smartphone through T view live app. The contents generated in a smartphone are managed with T view live gallery and automatically backed up in Video Cloud. In addition to simple data backup, user contents are automatically recognized and categorized by type (e.g., by location and food type) so that the user can conveniently search the contents. Moreover, the categorized contents are automatically edited to create and share new contents. T view live also provides real-time broadcasting service by being linked to mobile personal broadcasting services (e.g., Africa TV, YouTube).

T view(Video Cloud)

Video platform to automatically save videos in the Internet-connected server (Video Cloud) through a simple camera installation and to provide notice and statistical information through real-time analysis of the saved videos.

Video Cloud is a video platform to create new values through integration of various media devices and technologies.

SK TELECOM's T-View is a next-generation video platform that provides differentiated functions and service scalability, such as video analysis, link to various devices and convergence service, unlike the existing technology to provide only the CCTV-centered video recording function. Using device I/F API, which enables a link with various media devices, the video contents can be conveniently transmitted to a safe large-capacity cloud server. In addition, the elaborately designed media processing API shortens video saving/ distribution function development period.