T devlopers


SK텔레콤의 기술을 활용한 상품 및 서비스 정보입니다


SKT's open IoT platform to support development and commercial service environments where everyone can make and use IoT services.

IoT platform, open source hardware, IoT data analysis and wireless sensor network ThingPlug is a cloud-based IoT platform that provides everything necessary for an IoT service creation.

In addition to international standard oneM2M, it is equipped with service platforms and APIs that support various protocols as well as data discovery function specialized to IoT data. As for the IoT service development using ThingPlug, developers can focus on the core functions of the service as they do not need to pay attention to device connection management, control command delivery, scale-out and HA configuration, etc.

Big Data Hub

Data platform through which to use open data provided by SKT and other data through download, visualization and DATA API application

Big Data Hub is a data sharing platform developed by SK TELECOM in order to increase the value and usability of data through data opening and sharing, and thus to contribute to customer convenience and the society.

Big Data Hub offers API service for application service development and the tools to analyze various open data. It also provides data distribution functions and information, such as for data registration, exhibition, utilization and visualization support.


B2B broadcasting platform(Vcase)

An enterprise-level B2B broadcasting platform to provide conversion/ management/ storage/ organization/ low-delay streaming/ personalized advertising insertion/ security functions for live/ 360VR images transmitted by enterprise/ individual service providers

B2B broadcasting platform provides all solutions and infrastructure necessary in an Internet video service of a service provider equipped with video contents (VoD/ live) in a PaaS format. For VoD/ live broadcasting, the basic solutions, CDN, which is the infrastructure, encoders and transcoders, CMS (contents management system) and streaming solutions are serviced through billing based on the usage. In addition, for specialized broadcasting, 360 live/ VoD broadcasting, low-delay broadcasting, RDK (including mobile camera SDK) for personal broadcasting, organized broadcasting, DVR (digital video recording) and chatting solutions. Moreover, for commercialization by service providers, advertising solutions (VoD advertising, live interstitial ads and regional advertising) are provided.