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Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition Device Utilizing Natural Speech Interface Technology

NUGU is an artificial intelligence device that utilizes speech recognition and natural language understanding technology. Understand natural voice utterance and perform functions such as music playback, smart home control, life information (weather, time), simple secretary function (alarm, timer, schedule) The main features of the NUGU are built into the AI Cloud and will continue to provide new features to users through its upgrade.

pebBLE (Bluetooth Beacon)

powerful bluetooth beacon "pebBLE" which compatible with Apple Ibeacon, Google's Eddystone standard.

Bluetooth, Beacon, BLE, O2O, IoT

Bluetooth Beacon is a small electronic device that transmits low-power Bluetooth (Energy-Low Energy) standard radio signals to surroundings with a certain period. By using Bluetooth beacons, you can measure your location indoors without the help of GPS. Indoor location measurement technology using Bluetooth beacons can be applied to various areas such as O2O service of retail store, indoor guidance service, exhibition services such as exhibition hall / museum.


Optimize Performance, Power and Space

SCube products are ultra high-performance All-Flash (AF) products of which the storage is comprised of NAND Flash semiconductors. These products are provided at a reasonable price range equivalent to that of HDD-SSD Hybrid Storage System.

Small Cell

Cost-effective small-scale base station with capacity and coverage improvement

Small Cell
Small Cell, Femto Cell, Home, Public, LTE

Small cell (femto cell) increases wireless capacity in dense traffic areas, such as the urban center, or expands indoor coverage where base station signals cannot reach. "Home Femto" for household use provides services targeting up to eight devices in the 800MHz and 1.8GHz bands and "Public Femto" for public use provides services targeting up to 64 devices in 800MHz, 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz bands.

Smart [Hearing Aid]

Providing optimized sound quality through hearing ability measuring and fitting functions together with an ear set that ensures high-quality music streaming and broadband voice call

Smart [hearing aid], an IT- medical convergence device to combine the functions of Bluetooth ear set and a hearing aid, is a convergence device mounted with a hearing aid function to provide sound according to the user's hearing ability in addition to the Bluetooth technology-based broadband voice call, high-quality music listening and loss prevention functions. User convenience has been considerably improved as the user can adjust the volume according to changes in their hearing abilities real-time through wireless link with the smartphone app as opposed to the conventional products that required volume adjustment in the shops.

UO Smart Beam Laser

World's best laser pico projector providing brightness by 60 lumen, HD level resolution and focus-free function that guarantees laser safety

Enjoy watching large and clear screen anytime, anywhere - UO Smart Beam Laser is an ultra compact pico projector measuring 5.5cm in length and 195g in weight. Providing brightness by 60 lumen and HD level resolution (1280x720), this laser pico projector has won the Laser Eye-safety Class I as the first in the world. In addition, together with focus-free function, it provides excellent color reproducibility through the application of laser. It also supports wired and wireless connections.