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Tech Gallery

SK Telecom Corporate R&D Center is studying various innovative technologies including
5G network technology in line with the ICT trend.

Many people have ideas. But, they don't know how to implement them technically.
There are others who have the technology, but experience a lack of infrastructure to implement and test the ideas.
In addition, some people say that they want to discuss about a technology, but don't know with whom or how to start the discussion.

  • A space for technical activities Tech Gallery is a technical marketplace where everyone can freely perform technical activities through communication and sharing of ideas in various technical fields.
  • Improvement of technical ability through exchange with experts You can suggest new technologies and business ideas or request consulting through online / offline channels. A technical exchange with SK Telecom's experts is also possible.
  • A wide range of infrastructure To effectively support your technical activities, Tech Gallery provides a composite infrastructure environment comprised of various terminals and measuring instruments as well as the spaces for technical activities, such as project, test and shield rooms.