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SK Telecom R&D Center

SK Telecom Corporate R&D Center is studying various innovative technologies including
5G network technology in line with the ICT trend.

With R&D facilities located in Seoul and Bundang of Korea, SK Telecom Corporate R&D Center is conducting R&D on IoT,
artificial intelligence and big data, security, new media, network and next-generation ICT infrastructure through its four affiliated technical institutes.

The technologies developed by SK Telecom Corporate R&D Center are contributing to improving customer values in all business areas of SK Telecom and also assisting in strengthening Korea’s ICT industry competitiveness.

SK Telecom Corporate R&D Center
  • Network R&D Center Studying infrastructure technologies including 5G for wired and wireless network innovation
  • Solution R&D Center Studying platform technologies, such as IoT, big data and O2O technologies to innovate the values of customers’ life
  • NIC R&D Center Studying for innovation of data centers through network technology and IT convergence
  • Media R&D Center Studying advanced technology of media, such as virtual experience (AR,VR) and media IT Infrastructure